Wholesale solar hybrid inverter scheme

  He clarified the construction of the proposed power sub-stations would not come in the way of construction of underground Metro lines. To implement the new wholesale solar hybrid inverter scheme, the government will need to make amendments to the rule 1991 of the Development Control Rules of Mumbai. The energy department has urged chief minister Devendra Fadnavis who heads the urban development department to ratify the proposal at the earliest.Mr Bawankule further said that Mumbai is perhaps the only city in the world where high-tension power cables are not underground or ducted. Currently, there are discrepancies in the development plan where there is no clear demarcation of areas for construction of power sub-stations. The Reliance Infra (transmission) is facing a problem in constructing one such sub-station in Bandra-Kurla Complex due to dispute over the land ownership with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. Mr Bawankule further said that the BEST power supply undertaking too had pointed out the delay in transfer of land ownership.

  Is that because of the economic crisis or the "refugee crisis" which is being given the loaded term "migrant" crisis.New xenophobia is pronounced in those circles that reap the most benefits from neo-liberal high capitalism, where most of capital does not exist as cash but circulates as numbers and most of capital is not invested in any material production or trade. One of my points of departure is to see xenophobia as a matter of power — it is used by "in-groups" to exert their power over "out-groups" — it follows that forms of xenophobia will change in societies where power has grown more numerical and more abstract than ever before. In European welfare states, this is compounded by the fact that these welfare states are rich because their capital circulates with very little impediment all over the globe, but they cannot permit global labour the same kind of freedom — this is contrary to the classical definition of capitalism as "free circulation of capital, goods and labour".

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Wholesale solar hybrid inverter scheme